Welfare limits begin Oct 1st. Its about time. Thank you Governor Snyder for fixing this problem.

Posted on October 2, 2011 
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Ambre GarnettOct 1

Jennifer Granholmd initiated the bill, Governor Snyder signed it. This was Granholms bright idea.
I am not against it, and I myself have been on welfare before. But I did not make a lifelong career of collecting govt. checks!
Look guys, I personally know of GENERATIONS of lazy women, who are on full out welfare, cash assistance, food stamps, get their rent paid, and even have Section 8. They go out, drink, have sex, do drugs, make babies, by several different guys. Make their older kids take care of the younger kids. Leave them in a house alone while they go out and drink, do drugs, have sex, etc. And they have done this for years, and are still doing it to this day.
When I say generations, that means their mothers were on it, they are on it and now their raggedy no job having – baby making kids are on it. They have kids starting at 13, turn into grandmothers by the age of 28 and the cycle keeps growing. If we had this limit years ago, these igornant lazy bums would not be in existance. You should hear the crap that comes out of their ignorant mouths..and they are not the only ones like this. There are several more generations like this from ALL DIFFERENT races. Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs, and Asians. All of them have done this because Michigan Welfare is like no other, very GENEROUS. Try Texas, they give you NOTHING. Ohhhh, I could go on.