Dorr Township Library spends $24,000 on a new sign? Thats just a little under half of the $56,000 the township gives the Dorr library for annual operations from the general fund for operations.

Posted on November 15, 2011 
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In the penesee globe this week, November 14, 2011 on page 2 the caption under the picture of the sign reads ” it was purchased using insurance funds after an April auto accident destroyed the original sign.”

This caption makes it sound like the insurance paid the $24,000 for this sign, which is highly unlikely.  I will FOIA (freedom of information act) exactly what the insurance company paid for the damaged sign to see exactly what the Dorr township library paid for this new sign.  It was just a little over 1 year ago in August of 2010, the township voters rejected a millage to operate the library, only to have the millage put  back on the ballot last November 3 months later until it passed, a tactic that is used quite frequently in this township to get a millage passed.  This vote was rejected by 150 votes in Aug, but passed 3 months later by only 22 votes.   See county vote results here:

Defeated Dorr Library millage in August of 2010

Passed Dorr Library millage November of 2010

I personally have nothing against any library, including the one here in Dorr,  but I am very concerned about politicians and board members who do not give the true facts on how our tax dollars are being used. The caption is written for us to believe that an insurance company paid for this $24,000 sign. This is bunk.  I will get the true payment from the insurance company via the freedom of information act from the township so we the people know exactly how much money was spent using our tax dollars when just over a year ago we heard comments about how the library had no money and the hours would be cut and we might have to close the library etc. unless the millage passes and now they spend money like this? Just makes you want to cry a river doesn’t it?

When taxpayers vote millages in, those who control the purse strings just cannot restrain themselves and once again spend money like drunken sailors, forgetting how limited for funds they were only 1 year ago when the people of Dorr rejected the first millage only to have it put back the ballot 3 months after the millage defeat to wear the people down to get this millage passed.  Government will always run out of money, because the more you vote to give them more, the more they will spend, its unrestrained spending.  We see this at all levels of government.

We must send all governments a message that government must live within their means like we do with our household expenses, because we are not giving you any more of our money to waste. This sign is not the issue, the unrestrained spending and the deception is!

$24,000 for the sign below?  More wasted tax dollars? The township gives the library $56,000 for their annual operations from the general fund, plus a millage that was passed last year by only 22 votes in November after being rejected by the voters just 3 months earlier in the Aug election by 150 votes.  People are fed up with this crap.