We have 2 trustees who tied in the Primary election…Weber and Dolegowski. One must go!

Posted on August 8, 2012 
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This is the procedure that determines who will win and who will lose.

The law in Michigan is already set for circumstances such as this and here it is.

Tie Votes

In those rare instances where it is revealed through the canvass that two candidates are tied for nomination or election to an office certified by the canvassing board, the tie is determined by a drawing. (A tie vote on a ballot question defeats the ballot question; a tie breaking procedure is not followed.) As an initial step, the canvassing board sets a date when the tied candidates and all interested parties can assemble to participate in the drawing. Upon the establishment of a date, the canvassing board sends notice of the meeting to the candidates and interested parties. At the meeting, the county clerk or local clerk handling the procedure writes the word “ELECTED” on a slip of paper and the words ‘NOT ELECTED” on an identical slip of paper. Both of the slips are folded so that the words written on them cannot be seen and the two slips are indistinguishable from one another. Each candidate then draws one of the slips from a box. The candidate who draws the slip which bears the word “ELECTED” is deemed legally elected to the office involved. (MCL 168.851; 852)

If an affected candidate fails to appear at the meeting, the county clerk or local clerk handling the procedure has the authority to appoint any person present to draw a slip for the absent candidate. If both candidates fail to appear at the meeting, persons are appointed to draw a slip for both of the candidates.