Defeated Dorr fire millage returns back on the ballot again in November. Do you think your vote matters? Not to this Dorr Township board it doesn’t .

Posted on August 16, 2012 
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Well, here we go again.  I just got home from the Dorr Township board meeting to wish 3 current board members a long happy retirement, and to no ones surprise, this board votes to put the defeated fire millage that the voters of Dorr Township voted down not even 2 weeks ago, back on the ballot in November.

DEFEATED -Dorr Fire Millage results from election    NO-624       YES-513
Tammy Vanhaitsma made the motion to put it back on the ballot and Josh Otto seconded it until Larry Dolegowski told him he couldn’t because he is on the fire Depart.

Heres the vote tally to put the fire millage back on the November ballot:

  Your vote in the Primary means nothing to the current township board members below. Thankfully 3 are gone! Now we have another chance to remove 1 more trustee and elect Brian Boot as our NEW Clerk.

Tammy VanHaitsma-YES
Dan Weber-YES                 
*Jodi Brummel-YES            *gone, didn’t run for reelection
*Larry Dolegowski-YES       *gone, was defeated in the primary
*Paul Davis-YES                 *gone, was defeated in the primary

Josh Otto-obstained       oh good for you Josh, so big of you to do that.

Janice Saunders- was not present

Not only will this Fire Millage be back on the ballot in November, but it will be for 4  years instead of 2.   So if it gets passed, then they dont have to worry again for another 3 years.   The message will surely come, you don’t understand. Its not an increase, its just a renewal.  Your house insurance could go up, blah, blah, blah.  Whatever!

The only thing I know, is I want our township board to listen when people cast their votes, and this board DOES NOT!

Please vote for 4 NEW Dorr township board members,
Brian Boot- Clerk, NEW
John Tuinstra-Trustee, NEW
Patty Sennker-Trustee, NEW
Christine Schwartz-Trustee, NEW 
for a NEW change to stop those old out of control board members who will remain. 

(When you vote for trustees, it says do not vote for more than 4. You do NOT have to vote for 4, but you cannot vote for more than 4! Only vote for those trustees who will honor the people they serve and not work against them.)

With 4 NEW members, the majority changes with conservative people who will listen to the people.