Dorr township waste taxpayers money on swampland purchased from a members in-laws for $125,000

Posted on December 7, 2009 
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Don looks kinda upset with me when I ask him questions about his great land purchase from his in laws. He must think its insinuation when I ask him questions concerning the townships land purchases?  I am not insinuating anything,  I am asking a fairly simple question that I want answered. I as a taxpaying citizen of this township and the other taxpayers of this township have the right to know what they are spending our money on and I intend to get answers to all my questions, whether they like it or not. This is what the freedom of information act says:

It is the public policy of this state that all persons, except those persons incarcerated in state or local correctional facilities, are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and public employees, consistent with this act. The people shall be informed so that they may fully participate in the democratic process.  My participation is asking questions most people are afraid to ask because they may get yelled at like I am, but I can handle it.  I will be the scape goat for this abuse. I am not intimidated by arrogant public officials, because I believe they work for us!  They are elected to serve the electorate, we do not elect them so they can serve their own selfish needs, wants and dreams.

$125,00 divided by 18 acres is $7000 per acre for this piece of very low swampland purchased from Don Kaczs in-laws with Dorr Taxpayers money.  Not only did the towns people get taken to the cleaners on this piece of crapland, but this 18 acre parcel of land is now off the tax rolls because its owned by you and me as taxpayers, and there are no tax revenues coming into the township, so we get screwed twice.  Thanks alot Don!  You need to be fired as the assessor of Dorr Township, but this corrupt board protects your job for some reason.  Leighton township fired their last assessor a few years back and they put ads out for a new assessor and they found someone to do their township assessments for alot less and saved that township money, this township board would do well to follow suit and do the same thing, but we know they won’t and that is a whole other problem we have with them.

Don Kaczanowski stayed on as the assessor after last years election. He works only 21 hrs. per week as the assessor, but what can you actually be doing when there is nothing being assessed? He has a salary of $27,000 per year plus dental insurance at $91.25 per month premiums paid 100% by you the taxpayer for this part time job! He receives a pension as well.   Do you get this for a part time job at 21 hrs. per week?   Time to clean the house out.  Hopefully the board can see all the fat in this position and do as Leighton Township did and save us some money in these tough times?

All the dollar amounts listed above I received from the township offices under the Freedom of information act, but I still have to pay for this information, because they refuse to put all this information online for free like most other townships do.  I have been pushing them to do this too, but they love to fight me, so I just pay the cost and put it here online for all to read.  Someday, we will have all this information all online for free for everyone to view.  Lets hope this is soon.  I really hate to pay for information that should be given to me, as this is public information.